Formal Hire

Formal Wear Hire Service

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Foster Triniman offers a wide range of Hire items, including Morning Wear, Evening Wear and various accessories.


Morning Wear

Black Tailcoat, Plain Grey Waistcoat, Striped Trousers £49.95
Navy Tailcoat, Lt,Blue Waistcoat, Striped Trousers £49.95
Grey Tailcoat, Matching Waistcoat, Grey Trousers £49.95
Black Jacket, Plain Grey Waistcoat, Striped Trousers £39.95
Upgrade to Patterned Waistcoat – Extra From £10.00
2 Piece Grey Lounge Suit £37.50
Boys ( up to 34 Chest ) Morning Suit £ 39.95
Boys Black Jacket ( to 34 Chest ), Plain Waistcoat, Striped Trousers £ 29.95
Boys ( up to 34 Chest ) Black Suit £29.95


Evening Wear

2 Piece Dinner Suit £37.50
White Tuxedo & Black Dress Trousers £49.95
Evening Shirt £8.50
Fancy Waistcoat From £14.95
Bow Tie £3.95
Cummerbund £4.95
Black Shoes £8.50



Top Hat £14.95
Gloves £2.95
White Shirt £8.50
Cravat £4.95
Tie £4.95

Terms & Conditions of Hire from 9 April 2018

Goods are hired to our customers on the understanding that they will be returned in an undamaged condition and that the customer will be responsible for, and indemnify Foster Triniman Ltd against any loss or damage to the goods whilst on hire.All goods that are damaged, lost, stolen, or not returned from hire will be charged to the hirer at full replacement value.

Suit covers and hat boxes are loaned at no extra charge, but will be subject to a replacement charge of £15.00 each if not returned or returned damaged. The liability of Foster Triniman Ltd in any event is limited to the value of the cost of the hire paid by the customer.

Security Deposit of £50.00 per outfit is required.

Cancellation of Hires:- Orders that are cancelled within two days of the hire collection date will be charged a cancellation fee of £25.00. Orders that are cancelled earlier than two days before the hire collection date will be charged a cancellation fee of £10.00.

Overdue hire returns will be charged at £10.00 per day per outfit.